OPEN WORKS is a two-story, 34,000 square foot makerspace located directly across from the entrance to Greenmount Cemetery.  

Open Works serves as an incubator for Baltimore’s creative economy by providing affordable working studios and access to state-of- the-art production facilities for visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, sculptors, weavers, fiber artists, fashion designers, and fine furniture makers. 

The building features a complete wood shop, metal shop, and digital media studio along with a digital fabrication shop (CNC routers and milling machines), a 3D imaging and 3D printing studio, a microelectronics lab, and a digital embroidery and fibers studio.

The facility also provides 150 individual micro-studios for designing, assembling, and finishing projects and products created in these shops.

Instruction in the safe and proper use of these sophisticated production technologies; workshops in advanced product design and fabrication; and classes in entrepreneurship, accounting, project financing, and product marketing for artists, designers, and craftspersons will be offered in dedicated classrooms and within the specialized shops and studios. 

Learn more at, on Facebook, or follow along with construction on Instagram @open_works_bmore.

Neil Didriksen, Chief Operating Officer for the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, discusses how Open Works can promote the growth of advanced manufacturing in Baltimore with Damian O’Doherty of Center Maryland.